The Benefits of Gamifying Your Content Creation

Written by Jennifer

In recent years, gamification has caught on as a popular way of creating incentive structures around, well, everything. From building fitness habits to watching live sports, there’s an app (actually, probably multiple apps) that will bring elements from video games to the activity.

The most basic version of gamification involves creating a simple rewards structure for task-accomplishment. Typically, it includes trackable metrics, such as points earned over time, which make progress visible.

Gamification can be applied at the individual level (for example, you log your gym PRs and buy a new fitness tracker when you increase your bench by 25%), but it works best at the group level. This is because gamification relies on competition, and there’s only so much you can achieve when competing against yourself. In a group, competition plays out between individuals, or between teams of individuals, in the process driving everyone to improve whatever they are doing.

A little competition can make content creation more fun and help drive creativity and innovation. Competing incentivizes people to do better at what they already do. It demonstrates that their hard work pays off.

Competition builds camaraderie. Your team of employee advocates can bond over a fun, healthy game of content creation. When people get together with friends or family, they play cards or a video game. If they’re watching sports, they might place small bets on the outcomes. Some offices use March Madness bracket pools or Fantasy Football tournaments as team-building exercises.

Not only does gamifying employee advocacy lead to better content, it can be an exciting team-building exercise.

The most engaged grocery clerks I’ve ever met were playing grocery bingo against each other at the time. My cashier was excited to see me (because I helped her win by purchasing a 6-pack of beer). Your team can get similarly excited about content marketing.

Gamification engages employees by introducing an element of fun into the work – completely outside of the competitive aspect. Not everyone is naturally competitive, but everyone likes earning rewards and watching their progress.

Make sure to track the relevant stats and set up an internal leaderboard. Create a series of rewards for top performing content creators. You need good rewards—ones people actually want.

They can be monetary or you can go with fun rewards, anything from a Starbucks gift card to a new car (Okay, a car might be a bit much, but you never know how many sales a viral post might net you).

Recognition certainly plays a big role in incentivizing people to succeed. Give your best employee advocates the spotlight.

Crowdsource your content, but find a way for your best creators to stand out for their efforts.

There may be plenty of challenges to fully implement a gamified, crowdsourced approach to content marketing and social media. But starting an employee advocacy program, recognizing its value alone, can be the biggest hurdle.

You’ll see results when you reward your top performers, no matter how many people you have doing content creation. And, it will make the process enjoyable for all the people involved, keeping your employees engaged.

Better content. Happier employees. Increased brand awareness. A gamified approach to crowdsourcing and creating content can solve your marketing challenges and improve workplace culture.